Thanksgiving Hike

It’s a family tradition to go on a walk or hike on Thanksgiving Day, usually after a big feast. This year all our kids and grandkids are in other states, but we enjoyed a hiking adventure on our own.


We set out from Gladden View late morning on a blue-sky, cloudless, warm day heading for Mt. Lemmon. Specifically, our destination was San Pedro Vista, where we got amazing northern views beyond the Catalinas, overlooking the San Pedro Valley and the next range over. Mt. Graham at over 10,000 feet was clearly visible, and we remarked at how much we want to get there sometime soon.


We easily found the trail at the northwest side of the parking lot. We have not hiked this one, and we were eager to discover what it offered. It was totally awesome. Mostly an uphill climb from the parking lot with many vistas especially featuring the north. After about 45 minutes of hiking in t-shirt weather, we found a comfortable spot for our Thanksgiving lunch, a little reading, and a short nap. Lovely! Here is a sample of the trail near where we picnicked.


And while we ate, we could see some climbers nearby scaling the cliff and rappelling.


We talked about our kids, about some of our hopes, and about the power and importance of gratitude. A good Thanksgiving Day!