A Walk Between Rains

After several days of clouds and rain, it felt good to feel the warm sun on my face and shoulders. I would catch a walk on a desert trail before the next rain came later in the day. But no, as I drove down the drive, the rain came down. I turned around, and decided a walk in my own neighborhood, down the dirt roads, with an umbrella, would be a better choice. And the rain is good. The rain is always good in the desert. As it turned out, only a little rain fell that hour. More would come later. But the desertscape was washed of dust, and the green of the palo verde and cholla were almost a-glow. As I walked, my eyes kept lifting to the Rincon mountains, this time showing a depth of blue that comes out under deep gray skies. I love how the mountains change under different skies, under the influence of reflecting light. Rose and gold are common colors at sunset, grey and moss at dawn. It’s this sapphire blue I see today that catches my breath. Like the rain, its rarity makes it all the more beautiful.

In this one afternoon there were so many moments of interaction with weather and landscape. I am reminded that each moment is a moment worth living, worth drinking in and savoring. The present moment is the moment we are living. I want to stay aware so I don’t miss any of it’s beauty.